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South Australian Poultry Association Inc. (SAPA)

SAPA 2019 Open Show

To be held on


At SAPA Headquarters

6 Acrylon Road, Salisbury South

In 2019 the SAPA will pay tribute to 5 of our Life Members that have served the SAPA with great contributions; Tom Bowden, Ron Wright, Mary Wright, Malcolm Maywald & Elwyn Maywald.



Peter Hicks (VIC)


Roger Clark (VIC)


Brendan Lloyd (VIC)


Michael Lloyd (VIC)


SAPA Most Successful Exhibitor Award Show

All Breeds & Ages Catered for.

All Entries to be sent to:

BIRD STEWARD: Michael Hall

Entries Close Monday the 27th of May

For More Information Contact:

Michael Hall

0447 095 443

(08) 8388 6075