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                    As I am sure you are all aware, we are facing times like we have never encountered before. By everyone following sensible protocol and not getting caught up in the  hype, we can all hope that this virus is contained and we can return to normal daily life.
                    Taking this into consideration, the SAPA executives would like to recommend that all clubs refrain from hosting gatherings for shows, sales etc for the immediate future.  It is sad that this has come about at the beginning of our season but by following basic guidelines this will hopefully be only for a short time.
                    Remember to be kind and thoughtful to those around you we are all in this together.
Kind Regards
Trudy Hull
on behalf of the SAPA executive 

The State Body of a number of South Australian Poultry Clubs committed to the promotion of pure breeds of poultry as a vibrant, exciting and challenging recreational activity for all ages



News Update 16th Feb 2020

SAPA Judges Board Exam Day. 08.03.2020

Club details and Calendar 2020 completed

SAPA Judges updated. 


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SAPA Registered Exhibitor Fees 2020

Fees cover South Australian Poultry Association Inc. registration, 2020 Handbook, 3 copies of ‘Poultry News’ and eligibility for SAPA Most Successful Exhibitor of the Year Awards for Large Fowl, Bantam, Waterfowl and Junior.

                                 Family: $30.00

                                  Adult:  $25.00

                                 Junior: $20.00

   Poultry Club Membership: $25.00

Agricultural Show Society Affiliation

Agricultural Show societies may affiliate with SAPA for a fee of $15.00. 

Payment of this fee will entitle the affiliated society to a SAPA 2020 Handbook and a Champion Bird of Show Ribbon, provided that at least one Judge is selected from the SAPA Judges Panel.

All inquiries are to be directed to 

Treasurer Mrs. M. Scruby 

Australian Poultry Standards 2nd Edition 

If you are interested in breeding, showing, or judging of poultry here is a wonderful chance for you to invest in the most comprehensive book of poultry standards produced in Australia. Contact Mary Scruby

Hard covered, in excess of 350 pages with 168 full coloured illustrations with the breed descriptions.

The Australian Poultry Standards is the official breed standard for poultry fancy in Australia. It is the standard of perfection from which all poultry in Australia is supposed to be judged when exhibited at poultry shows…

Source ~ Wikipeadia

S.A.P.A. Headquarters

The South Australian Poultry Association is located at 6 Acrylon Road Salisbury.The building has penning for approximately 1500 birds under cover.

There is a meeting room that contains a kitchen area including a wall oven and refrigerator. Hot water is provided. This room is heated with bar heaters. This is also an eating area that is screened from the exhibition area.

Thanks to dedicated members of S.A.P.A. the upgrade of these facilities have been completed.

At the back of the premises is a covered area that could be utilized for a number of activities

The facility is available for hire and would be most suitable for groups that exhibit pigeons, cage birds etc. Inspection is welcome and long-term hire agreements can be negotiated.
Interested parties should contact our property manager:-

Contact James Hawker Phone  0428 932 270

For all enquires.