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Yorke Peninsula P & P Club


Celebrating 75th Day s

Established 1946

All shows are held at Maitland Showgrounds

2023 Show Schedule 

Sunday May 7th:  All breeds, Male and Female. Featuring Langshans & Call Ducks, Pigeons - Homer

Sunday June 4th:  All breeds, Male and Female. Featuring- True Bantams, Indian Runners, Pigeons - Clean Legged

Sunday July 2nd: Young Bird Show. Featuring - Old English Game & Pekin Ducks, Pigeons - Feathered legged Breeds

Annual Show

Sunday August 6th:  Featuring - Modern Game & Mallard Ducks, Pigeons - Utility Breeds

Schedule available from the Secretary. 

Held in conjunction with the Pekin club of SA Annual Show.

To be advised Annual Presentation Dinner 

Sunday November 5th : AGM


 Adults $15.00

Juniors $5.00 (under 16 years at the first show of the year)

Family $20.00 (members of one family living at the same address)


Monthly Shows

Entry fee is 50c per entry at monthly shows (May, June and July). Members only are permitted to exhibit at these shows.

In 2023 Entries will be closed on the Wednesday prior to the monthly show and one week prior to the Annual show.

Schedules and further details will be posted on the club Facebook page as needed. @YorkepenisulaPoultryandPigeon club

Judging will commence following lunch (sausage sizzle). A monthly raffle is a great attracttion and fundraiser for the club. Please bring small items for donation.


Junior classes:

will be made on the day in 2023.


Championship Awards:

Are presented at the monthly presentation and are awarded to Standard Fowl, Heavy Waterfowl, Light/Bantam Waterfowl, Bantam Hard Feather, Bantam Soft feather, and Pigeons. In 2025 Best in show will be awarded at each meeting. Best of Breed will be awarded at all shows in enough Exhibits are penned.


Annual Aggregate Awards

are presented in the sections listed above. Points are accrued over 3 shows during the year. These awards are presented at the Annual Lunch.


President: Peter Button

                   Ph: 0419 842 246

                   Po Box 103, Minlaton, 5575

Secretary: Greg Smith 

                  PO Box 16, Yorktown SA, 5576


Treasurer:  Wendy Mudge

                  Ph: 0488 159 632