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Become a SAPA Accredited Poultry Judge!

Become a SAPA Accredited Poultry Judge!


Step 1- Register & choose a goal

Become a registered exhibitor of the SAPA & choose the judging category that interests you! Prospective judges can aspire to one or more of four groups, being:

1) Hardfeather

2) Softfeather including True Bantams

3) Waterfowl and Turkeys

4) Eggs

Step 2- Lodgement of interest

Lodge your interest to become a trainee judge along with the group you have chosen, with the

SAPA Judges Board Secretary,

This can be by phone, letter or email

Step 3- Home Study

Acquire access to the Australian Poultry Standards book (Judges Board may be able to assist).

Another useful publication is ‘Judging Exhibition Poultry’ published by and available from SAPA. You will be required to purchase a copy of this booklet at a fee of $20.00.

It is the trainee’s responsibility to study, understand & learn the standards for their group’s relevant breeds! This knowledge shall be tested in a written exam at a workshop later in this training program.

Step 4- Stewarding

With assistance from the Judges Board & Poultry Clubs, you will be required to find stewarding opportunities. You must then have acted as a steward at a minimum of five poultry shows before progressing to Step 5.

NB: Confirmation of stewarding experience from poultry club secretaries or show convenor/s will be accepted by the Judges Board.

Step 5- Workshop

Compulsory attendance at ‘Annual SAPA Judges Training Scheme Workshop’.

One day; to be held at SAPA Headquarters Acrylon Road, Salisbury South.

Workshop format as follows;

Day One: Am – Introduction & general judging procedures. Interpretation of standards, Breed specific lectures and demonstrations.

Day One: Pm– Theory Paper.

Papers shall be marked on the day. 80% pass mark to be achieved to progress to Step 6.

Step 6- Trainee Mentoring

As a trainee, you will need to find an experienced SAPA Judge who is accredited in the relevant breed group, to be your mentor. The Judges Board can help you do this. When convenient, the trainee will accompany their mentor when he/she is judging, exhibiting, attending seminars, assessing his/her own birds or visiting other fanciers.

Step 7- Assessment & Accreditation

The trainee will indicate to the board when he/she is ready for practical assessment.

A judge (other than the mentor), chosen by the Board then fully assesses the trainee’s judging skills at a show of suitable size and character. This show must be considered to cover most of the breeds in the relevant group.

A report from that judge is then presented to the Board for possible full accreditation of the candidate/trainee.

A fee is then payable each year to maintain your place on the SAPA panel of registered judges.

For lodgement of interest or any questions please contact the SAPA Judges Board Secretary;

Mary Scruby

34 Balmoral Avenue

North Brighton 5048

08 8296 9535