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Combined Pure Breeds Poultry Inc.

 Combined Pure Breeds Poultry Club Inc.

The Combined Pure Breeds Poultry Club is an incorporated merging of the Bantam Club of SA and the National Utility Poultry Breeders Association 

2023 Office Bearers

President Des Schutz

Vice President Luke Price

Secretary Trudy Hull


ADULT: $10.00

FAMILY: $15.00 (2 Adults & 2 Children Under 16 years)

JUNIOR: $5.00 (under 16 years) 


On Saturday 8th of JULY

Including our 3rd annual Rare Breeds Challenge 

An extensive schedule

Highlighting Rare Breeds.

Including our 3nd annual Rare Breeds Challenge 

SAPA Most Successful Exhibitor Award Show

At SAPA Headquarters

6 Acrylon Road, Salisbury South

Entries and fees to be sent to the      

Trudy Hull

PO Box 211

Strathalbyn 5255

or email:

EFT payment available


Entries Close: Monday July 3rd 2023

Penning Times:

 4pm - 6:30pm Friday 7th July

7:30am - 9:30am Saturday 8th July


Judging will commence at 10 am

Full luncheon & morning tea available 

Perpetual Shields and Trophies will be awarded to:                                                            


(Sponsored by the Former Bantam Club of SA)

D. Dicks Memorial Trophy, Best Bantam in Show

A. Franklin Shield, Best Soft Feather Bantam

Gartell Memorial Cup, Best Wyandotte

D. Dicks Memorial Shield, Best O.E.G.

AMCOR Recycling SA Trophy, Best Leghorn



NUPBA Shield Best Large Soft feather Fowl

CPBPC Shield Best Large Hard feather Fowl


Nat Saunders Memorial Shield Best. Plate of Eggs Overall

Rosettes will be awarded to:

 Best Bird in Show

              Best Bantam

              Best  Soft feather Bantam

              Best Hard feather Bantam

              Best Large Soft feather Fowl

              Best Large Hard feather Fowl

              Best True Bantam

Winners of trophies & Shields will be given a commemorative plaque to keep.