South Australian Poultry Association Inc

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The All Game Club of SA Inc

The All Game Club of South Australia Inc.

Established in 1915, this successful club promotes all breeds of Game Fowl as per the Australian Poultry Standards.



in conjunction with Adelaide Poultry Club

held at SAPA Headquarters

6 Acrylon Road, Salisbury South. 

With a large array of trophies, ribbons and special prizes.

Junior prizes & participation certificates - eligible for Champion of Show.

Leading interstate judges.


SAPA Most Successful Exhibitor Award Show
Hard feather enthusiasts are encouraged to exhibit at this specialist show and support this well established club.

Membership fees:  $30.00 Family,  $20.00 Senior,    $5.00 Junior,

For more information please contact:

PRESIDENT        Anthony Klatt      0409 339 821

SECRETARY        Mary Scruby      (08) 8296 9535