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Adelaide Poultry Club


      ANNUAL SHOW held at S.A.P.A. Headquarter

6 Acrylon Road Salisbury

ADELAIDE POULTRY CLUB are raising some funds so we can throw an amazing show for next year and offer great prizes. We have coffee mugs available for $10.00 not including postage if required. Personalized $12.00 Contact details below

Office Bearers 2020

President :                Kimberley Kearney

Secretary:                Judy Kearney

Contact Details

Kimberley Kearney    0401 611 466 

Judy Kearney            0410 548 843

2020 Event Schedule

Saturday 27th June  

 Annual Show in conjunction with the All Game Club of South Australia


Adults:  $15.00    

Juniors: $ 6.00   

Family: $25.00 

Penning Fees

$ 1.00 per bird for Members

$ 2.00 per bird for non member

     .50 per bird forJuniors