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                        All  Shows held at S.A.P.A. Headquarters

                                  6 Acrylon Road Salisbury

Incorporating the Sussex Club, Mediterranean and Specialists breed clubs

2019 Event Schedule

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Saturday 11th May  
Sunday 29th June

Autumn Show
Annual Show

Office Bearers 2019

President :                Mr Bill Breen

Secretary:                Mrs Cheryl Luxford

Contact Details

Mr. Bill Breen              0421 417 256

Cheryl Luxford             0415 130 003


Breed Classes  

Best Waterfowl

Best Large Fowl

Best Bantam

Best Breeding Pair

Best Egg Plate

To encourage juniors, all juniors entries are exhibited in the open section are assessed for Junior encouragement award

Large array of prizes from our numerous sponsors’

2019 Membership

Adults:  $15.00    

Juniors: $ 6.00   

Family: $25.00 

Penning Fees

$ 1.00 per bird for Members

$ 2.00 per bird for non member

     .50 per bird forJuniors